Relays Switching Units

The switching unit, series KRE, is for the switching of almost every kind of signals. Due to the modular design, the electrical characteristics of the switches can be adapted to versatile demands. In combination with attenuators, splitters and other modules the usability can be extended. The KRE-unit can be controlled by several interfaces and/or manually (colour display with touch panel).


  • Switching unit for RF-generators, amplifiers and antennas at EMC test laboratories
  • RF matrix
  • Filter, diplexer, attenuator etc. selection unit
  • Any automated routing of measurement equipment at test benches
  • Emulation of air interfaces, equipped with programmable attenuators
  • Step attenuator unit
  • Extended noise measurement equipment
  • Customized solution available, also with interlock control


Possible interfaces:

  • RS-232
  • LAN
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • IEC-Bus (IEEE488)
  • Fibre optic cable

Customized Relays Switching Units

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KRE-4044-EFCI, Relay Switching Unit

MTS-No.: 22284
  • 1x SP12T relay Radiall R574403210, internal terminated
  • DC - 6 GHz
  • RS-232, IEEE-488
  • Manual control (colour display with touch panel)

KRM Series, Coaxial Relay Modules with Remote Control

  • Standard with SPDT or SP6T relay or customized configuration
  • IEC-Bus (IEEE488) and/or RS-232
  • Cassette enclosure or desktop unit