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Development and Construction

  • Signal distribution units for Audio-, Video-, RF- and Microwave signals
  • Active and passive components for the radio technologyLayout of PC-boards / routing
  • Customized electronic solutions
  • Engineering drawings with modern CAD programsProfessional CAD/CAM data conversion

Customized CNC Milling

  • Prototypes according to customer’s specifications
  • Support in the process of construction and development
  • CAM-based 5-axis machining centre
  • Engraving
  • Small and middle series, prompt and accurate to dimension
  • Complex and difficult parts
  • Diverse materials such as aluminium, plastic, magnesium, casting, steel, non-ferrous metal…
  • Modifying of devices
  • Consideration of RF characteristics

Mechanical Processing

  • Different surface structures: Vibratory grinding, polishing, glass beat blasting
  • Burring
  • Sawing of aluminium profiles
  • Modifying of miscellaneous components with threads, bore holes, milled-out etc.

Assembling and Production of Subassemblies, Devices and Systems

  • Mechanic and/or electronic parts
  • Cabling and wiring of diverse components

Manual PC-Board Assembly

  • With components of each configuration and size
  • Prototypes, small and middle series
  • Layout of PC-boards / routing

Coaxial Cable Assemblies / On-Site Cabling

  • For applications in the RF and data systems technology
  • Coaxial cable types such as RG, EF, semi-rigid or flexible as sucoform
  • Generally all established coaxial connectors possible
  • Optionally with cable labelling

Testing and Measuring

  • Checking, testing and calibration of all RF parameters by modern RF measuring stations
  • Electronic circuits and equipment
  • With test certificate
  • Development of automated test procedure

Software Development

  • Control programs (Windows)
  • Extensive measurement procedures and scripts
  • Customizing

Low Cost First-EMC-Measuring

  • Shielding
  • Long-term monitoring of the behaviour of electronic equipment
  • Consulting and support at the EMC-compliant development of PC-boards and products