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Quality, innovation, and global excellence united under one roof and in the heart of Bavaria.

// Pioneer in high frequency technology

MTS Systemtechnik GmbH, based in Mertingen, is a medium-sized German company with a global presence. With around 50 dedicated employees and numerous representatives worldwide, we offer highly complex radio frequency products. These include devices, assemblies and components, as well as a wide range of milled parts from our own production. Our many years of experience are reflected in the supply of well-known companies from the electronics and mobile phone industry as well as public sector clients. Our market success is based on technical innovation, outstanding quality, reliability and customised flexibility.

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// Back to the future

Foundation of MTS Mikrotechnik as a developing and manufacturing company
Change of name from MTS Mikrotechnik to MTS Systemtechnik with new shareholders
Relocation of the company to new premises in Mertingen
25th anniversary of MTS Systemtechnik

A selection of our customers.

// Three pillars built on expertise

Thanks to the perfect combination of mechanical and electronic services in our company, we work in a very flexible and customer-specific manner despite the highest quality standards.

High fre­­quen­­cy tech­­no­­logy

EMC technology

CNC milling technology

// Our services

Our integrated in-house concept combines a wide range of services under one roof. This specifically includes development services for electronics as well as hardware and software.

Our integrated in-house concept combines a wide range of services under one roof. This specifically includes development services for electronics as well as hardware and software.

Development and construction
// Systems for switching and distributing AF, video, RF and microwave signals
// Active and passive components for high-frequency technology
// PCB layout / routing
// Electronic solutions according to customer-specific requirements
// Creation of design drawings with modern CAD program
// Professional conversion of CAD data into production data using a modern CAM system
CNC milling according to customer requirements
// Prototypes according to customer specifications
// Support in the design and development process
// CAM-supported 5-axis technology
// Engraving
// Small and medium series, prompt and dimensionally accurateComplex, intricate parts
// Different materials, e.g. aluminum, plastics, magnesium, cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals …
// Modification of mechanical components
// Inclusion of RF properties
Mechanical processing
// Various surface structures: barrel finishing (vibratory finishing), polishing, glass bead blasting
// Deburring
// Sawing of aluminum profiles
// Modification of various components with cut-outs, threaded holes, milling, etc.
Assembly and production
// Mechanical and/or electronic assemblies or systems
// Wiring and cabling of various components
Manual assembly of printed circuit boards
// With components of all shapes and sizes
// Prototype, small series and medium series PCB layout / routing
RF cable assembly / cabling on site
// For applications in high-frequency and data technology
// Coaxial cable types RG/EF, Semirigid or flexible as Sucoform
// Basically all common coaxial connectors possible
// Optionally with cable labeling
Testing and measuring
// Checking, testing and calibrating all RF parameters at modern RF measuring stations
// Electronic circuits and devices with test protocol
// Development of automated test sequences
Software development
// Control programs (Windows)
// Extensive measurement and script sequences
// Customer-specific adaptations
Affordable initial EMC measurement
// Shielding attenuation
// Long-term monitoring of the behavior of electrical devices
// Consulting and support for EMC-compliant PCB and product development