Standard Coupling Unit 0,5 – 6 GHz Air Interface Emulation

The test systems simulate a radio field between GSM/UMTS/LTE or Wi-Fi mobile devices and the associated base stations (nodes). This makes it possible to generate hand-over or load scenarios under defined conditions. The radio field test system offers connections for 2x 6 inputs (nodes) and 2x 5 outputs (OUT nodes) as well as for an additional 2x 3 hybrid couplers. The attenuation for each attenuator can be set from 0 dB to 95 dB in 1 dB steps.


With the MTS standard coupling field SCF-0360-6G you can emulate air interfaces for all conceivable scenarios. To avoid interference from the Livenet, the signals can be routed with cables directly from the various signal sources, such as GSM, LTE+, 5G base stations or signal generators etc. via the MTS SCF to the mobile devices.

The MTS Standard Coupling Unit SCF-0360-6G is a very flexible solution for the emulation of air interfaces. The structure of the unit shown is divided into 3 groups. Each group enables the programme-controlled attenuation of 2 input signals to 1 output signal simultaneously, i.e. 6 base stations and 3 mobile devices. The function is carried out by attenuators and combiners. Combiners are also fitted at the bottom.

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Data sheet

Item number:



Frequency range:

from 500
to 6000






LAN RJ45, RS-232
50 Ω
VSWR in:
1.35 typ. @ BTS path, 1.30 typ. @ 500 - 6000 MHz
VSWR out:
1.35 typ. @ BTS path, 1.25 typ. @ 500 - 6000 MHz
Insertion loss (IL):
10.0 dB typ. @ BTS path, 3.6 dB typ. @ Cb path 2-way, 7.2 dB typ. @ Cb path 4-way
+30 dBm max. @ the inputs



Datenblatt SCF-0360-6G
Handbuch SCF-0360-6G
Zeichnung SCF-0360-6G
Blockschaltdiagramm SCF-0360-6G

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Standard Coupling Unit 0,5 – 6 GHz Air Interface Emulation
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